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My screenshot habit continues, with gusto (and I have a bloated Dropbox to prove it).

I like this one of @msgluck's Instagram pic in particular because:

a. the picture is of the black room in Night Gallery, a space designed by Peter Zellner (that's his gesturing had in the lower right) and the room makes me swoon

b. my boyfriend (and partner at Somewhere Something) Jason King has a cute stripey sweater on paired perfectly with red kicks

c. my talented new friend Joelle Coopererider is beautiful standing next to him—I'm so pleased to be her studio neighbor at Keystone Art Space

d. the Billy Shire table we are standing around is a fantastic centerpiece and so L.A.—the whole show "Made in Space" is a wonderful tribute to this city I love—go see it

e. the event was thrown by deLab and introduced by the charming Marissa Gluck—they are doing such cool, educational things

Follow @msgluck on Insta—she's in Rome right now and her pictures are wonderful and envy inducing.

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art mall