Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

art, Aperol, and appreciation


I'm still glowing (and yawning) from Saturday night's wonderful open at Keystone Art Space, the warehouse of our new studio. 

Hundreds of people came through. And a lucky 40 or so walked out wearing one of the "get SOME" necklaces I made. 

It is immensely gratifying to have so many people enjoying the space, lingering, asking questions, sipping Aperol spritz, nibbling. 

For the first couple of hours my amazing mother and I played host and later my Somewhere Something partners Jason and Biayna arrived from another successful opening their student's had work inβ€” "2D3D" at WUHO Gallery.

Our studio seemed particularly hopping with activity. And if I have any regret from the night, it is that I didn't get to do much exploring of our neighbor's studios. We were just too busy! Another regret: not taking more photographs. Oh, and those last few sips of whiskey.


The necklaces were a huge hit. I'm already scheming about what I'll be making next. When I first started creating the chains for the laser cut text I realized I desperately needed a jewelry making lesson. Luckily, there is an amazing artist in the building who is a pro (and my namesake), Sasha Bell. She gave me a quickie how to.

There's nothing like a party to get you decorate. I had a few days of furious framing and placing art around the space. Back here working on Monday I was delighted to open the doors and see everything in its place.

It will evolve over time, but for now I'm loving the arrangement of work.

There's talk of another open studios in 3 months. Stay tuned.

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