Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

pencil to paper, fingers to keyboard

Although at the time my least favorite part of design school were projects created strictly on the computer (I was totally down with constructing a chair by hand out of cardboard though), it turns out I completely love it in real life.

Beyond my own personal tinkering on the internet, over the past year I've been helping others with their projects. My clients tend to be people that characterize themselves as "technologically challenged." They're eager to get a website up and running or interact on Twitter but are overwhelmed about how to start. Ta-da: I can help.

I'm not a developer nor an expert at building websites or exploiting social media, but I am tenancious, adaptive, enthusiastic. And I have a good eye for design.

Despite all the hard and software at my disposal I still always start a project on paper with notes, sketches, ideation, and brainstorming to help form the outcome.

I've spent the last couple of days playing around with SquareSpace 6, the latest version of the website platform I've been using to build websites (including this one). You learn something and then it changes! I'm up for the challenge of figuring out the latest and greatest. The first site I'll create on SS6 is a duplication of this one. Stay tuned.

And: contact me if you or someone you know needs some internet help. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, online art portfolios, websites--I can do that! I am available by the hour and by the project.

last chance

they call this fun