Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

last chance

I headed west on Wednesday to check it out Made In L.A. a self-explanatory group exhibit that has a few venues across town, but the big show is at The Hammer Museum and ends this Sunday--try to catch it if you can. 

I posted few nice pics on Instagram and my Facebook art page, but none of the exhibit itself, because they are not allowed. This is a policy I do not understand. With no flash, what's the harm? One of the art watchers explained to me it was because the pieces were on loan. Hrrumpf.

Each room had multiple watchers so no chance to even sneak a pic. Presumably, like the other people getting finger wagged at, my picture taking purpose was simply to remember some of the works, refer back to them, share them. I guess that's what the catalog is for. 

There was a fantastically starry sky and rainbows installation painted on partitions outside (also being watched). I took a picture of the back of it as a sort of solidarity with the other artworks that cannot be photographed. And I liked its simple construction.

I hadn't been to The Hammer before (like so many Eastsiders I tend not to travel west of, say, La Cienga), but I was charmed if not a little confused by it. Finding the art was an adventure. Go upstairs, head outside, up these stairs, around this corner, and then finally into a room with mirrored doors so you can't see inside. A little secretive and clubby, I thought.

I found the show very interesting, a bit uneven in terms of quality and the quantity of some of the works. There was some outstanding work, especially by those who were Mohn Award finalists (a generous prize set up by art lovers and collectors Jarl and Pamela Mohn--good people too). 

On the way out I became a member. Just 40 bucks for artists (with proof!) and a nice excuse to cruise down Wilshire Blvd through the neighborhoods: Korea Town, Mid City, Beverly Hills and finally arrive to the high rise corridor of Westwood to this lovely spot.

L.A.! I love my city.

the shape of things

pencil to paper, fingers to keyboard