Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.



This week my mama drove up from her new digs in La Quinta (southeast of Palm Springs) for a quickie visit to check out my digs at Keystone (Eastside of Los Angeles).

We had a great time that included a field trip to The Last Bookstore, my new favorite bookstore ever. The space is magnificent, taking up the ground and upper floor of an old Citizen's National Bank on busy downtown corner. The people who work there are helpful and kind and the upstairs is a big giant book inspired art project where all the books are only a dollar. 

The LA Times recently did a feature on the shop, which prompted my mama's quest to go there when she visited and I am so pleased she did. What fun we had. 

The place seriously challenged my "book restriction." A few of the pulpy titles I really wanted, but held back on are pictured below. My pretty mama is pictured to the left. 

art mall

art mall

noises off