Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

noises off


New studio—the view from my space looking out into the communal one of our Somewhere Something space at Keystone Fine Art Space

Being part of a community of artists was a big draw for moving to Keystone. The energy of others creating, seeing what is being done, sharing resources—all of this is immensely desirable.

Funnily enough, what I didn't consider was how all that activity and making would effect how I work. I've been creating in isolation, for years. The noises I would hear are occasional dog barks, birds, maybe a UPS truck—the home studios I've occupied over the last decade have been quiet and isolated. Being in a warehouse with 40 some studios and sharing my own with my two business partners is an entirely new experience. 

The sound of a saw, the pitter patter of a dog, a dude skateboarding down the hall, studio neighbors walking by and dropping by. The noise from the busy street outside, carts being wheeled about inside. Compared to my other studio environments, it's a ruckus in here. And I love it. Change is good. Being amongst others busy making is good.

And I did bring a bit creature comfort from home: the pup.



bonus: it's excellent for catch