Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

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Today's Lawrence Weiner obsession is so September of 2009. He still speaks my language. The obsession is also very August of 2007. An image I snapped at DIA:Beacon inspires a selfish post. (But really, aren't they all.)

The renewed enthusiasm for LW came via a favorite blog, Hyperallergic which featured a LW print available on another terrific website 20x200. Yes please, I'll take one of these. Moments later, still interneting, I saw a link on the also fabulous blog Eyeteeth to a  slide show of LW's home. He rolls his own cigarettes and has a sexy black and white photograph hanging provocatively above his bed. I love him. And soon I will own a little, 8x10 piece of him.

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