Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

appropriating and exhibiting


I have my box picked out, now I just need to put nothing in it, but put something all over it. Yes, my "work" is going to be on display at the Tate Modern. Yours can be too.

I've just spent two days making ten things and my creativity has either been eaten up or is ripe and ready, I cannot decide. Until I do the box is empty (not a problem) and blank (a problem).

I also cannot decide on a sweet temptation. Now that I've signed up for the 20x200 email alerts I realize what a mistake I have made. I want everything. The newest offering is a delight: a print by Kevin Cyr. Earlier I tried to get one of his beautiful graff-decorated vans: SOLD OUT, suckers. But now there is this sweet something, something.

If I hadn't already shown the print to my boyfriend I would buy it for him. He calls the hostess at Barbarella "Hostess Cupcakes." Yes, she's awfully pretty and has really nice, soft,, cupcakes.


I took this picture for him while I was in New York solo last year, hoping it would satisfy his cupcake craving while I was away. Snapped the pic on the iPhone and sent it off with a little smirk.

And then I noticed the "Irresistible" sign right above the cupcakes. A mixed message.

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