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Now on view at MOCA at the Pacific Design Center-- Las Vegas Studio: Images from the archives of Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown. (Postcards of which are pictured above, as taken on my iPhone using the Shake Camera app. Which seems to be the perfect Post-Post Modern way of illustrating the show.) "What comes across in these photographs is an almost overpowering sense not only of freedom and discovery but also of innocence..."


I am in love with Rita's living room. The Bohemian charm of my mattress on the floor and turned over wine box as a night stand is wearing thin. I won't be buying a bedroom set anytime soon, but this may be the solution.

paperboard_innovation by antoniazi

And to compliment my new bedroom furnishings, may have to design some Paperboard Innovations. All the reason more to get that band saw back in my possession.


I crush on artists like some people crush on celebrity or chefs or handbags. Newest heart-fluttering, wide-eyed artist lust: Greg Lamarche. The best part, is my art crushes don't make me want to go to Neiman Marcus or spend $120 on a meal or watch a lot of bad tv. The crushes inspire me to MAKE STUFF.


This page of BOOKFORUM has been open on my desk for over a week. I can't quite pinpoint my fascination. The arrogance is attractive. The assessment of Gould's book by Ana Maria Cox is well written and clever, revealing just as much about her own neurosis as Gould's. The book sounds like a couple hundred Facebook posts and Tweets put together. Cox' review is borderline the same: "...her glancing impressions are the comments of a docent in the hipster section of some lifestyle museum." The reflection of myself and people I know stings. But we're so proud of it.


The same issue of BF has a short review of a new book of photographs of Samuel Beckett by Francois-Marie Banier. Images of Beckett strolling the streets of Tangier in short-shorts are fantastic. Banier basically stalked the reclusive writer once he recognized him. And "the lurking gave way to friendship, and Beckett consented to being photographed." The photographs are the opposite of what I think of when I think of the loneliness. Needless to say, I want this book.


Finally, socks. My Mama gave me this pair a couple of years ago. I think it was probably a kind of joke. I don't like tie dye and I wear heels (sans socks) at a ratio of about 10:1. But the kooky socks are cozy and warm and remind me of my hippie childhood, Santa Cruz, sunshine, and my beautiful, eternally optimistic mother. They are one of my favorite things. I'm wearing them right now.

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