Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

the accounting


Oh no. I lied to the judge. But not on purpose. I've earned $9.65 from the wine blog, not the $6 I reported. Shit. But wait. Since I have a partner on the blog, I've really just earned half of that. $4.825. So wait. This goes in my favor? The pluses and minuses perplex me. Do I report the $4.825? Do I send a check? Do I make a bank transfer? But not for the whole $4.825, right, because income isn't being divided equally. Just a third. We're doing thirds. So it's $1.428 to you. For when we were doing thirds. But we've stopped. What is the cut-off date for when we started doing nothing? This may complicate things. I'll have to re-look-up the statistics. It may be slightly less than the $9.65 and closer to the $6 I originally reported. In which case, I'm in the clear. I did not lie to the judge. Whew. Fuck I'm glad I worked through that.

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