Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

T plays it cool

Congrats to Trent and Anya on the birth of their "nice Russian-Jewish-Mexican-Irish-English kid". Can't wait to take a pic his cute belly too.

Just saw that eye-candy of a movie featuring all those fancy big stars and sophisticated European locations. Really, does anyone look better than Brad Pitt in a shimmery silk shirt? And I am so going to find a ecru trench coat and cinch it super tight at the waist and strut around in ultra high ecru heels like Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Earlier today my hairstylist confirmed I still look tan from my tropical vacation, so I had her put in some 'sun streaks' to keep the beach-look going. Who cares about winter. I'm still tan. The problem is that wearing strapless isn't quite appropriate this time of year. So I got a lovely soft pink cashmere tube top--it's a sweater and it's strapless! Genius.

A celebration upon completion

Please stay (once you go away)