Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

A celebration upon completion

I do love a Keren Ann, Carla Bruni, Sia Furler shuffle in the morning-- before the coffee kicks in. I like it at night too.

Mountain Time is not the same as Pacific Time. Duh. This morning, as I was yawning and waiting to logon and pick the movies for my Sundance Package B, the coffee really hadn't kicked in. I picked my flicks an hour late.

Luckily I'd already scored an extra ticket for 'The Devil and Daniel Johnston', but it conflicts with the other extra ticket I scored to Kevin Bacon's "Loverboy". I'll decide when I get to town which of these boys has more buzz. Got some other extras and some with conflicting times and 'can't go, there's a party that night' tickets, but it will all work out. The bartering and trading and selling is constant during the week in Park City.

Going? Say hi--I'll be the blonde standing in line with the pink cheeks wearing a white furry hat, Coach Michelien Man jacket, and stamping my kick-ass Vic Matie boots trying to keep warm.

Then drink to be me, babe

T plays it cool