Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Please stay (once you go away)

While my broken car window was being fixed this morning I was hanging out down the street from the dealership at the cafe inside the Scharffen Berger chocolate factory. They make chocolate there, at the chocolate factory. A woman comes in (wearing, by the way, a matching Burberry hat, scarf, and umbrella) and asks the cashier: What kind of scone is that?
Oh. Do you have a berry scone?
No, just chocolate.
Okay. What kind of muffin is that? Do you have a berry muffin?
No, just chocolate.
Oh. How about that cake there, what's in that?
Really? (with much irritation) I'll just have a plain croissant then. How much is it.
We just have chocolate. (with much amusement)
So the matching Burberry lady, she left. She didn't want anything with chocolate in it. From the cafe inside the chocolate factory. We all laughed and made fun of her when she was gone.

Well I did anyway. To myself. And now here. And my car window is fixed. And no more rain is pouring in. And I am never wearing more then one item of Burberry at a time. Which isn't a problem. Because I don't own any.

T plays it cool

1967, the year of Perry Mason