Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Baby watch your back

big boulder fell onto Topanga Canyon and Nic Harcourt couldn't get to KCRW this morning (which stands for something entirely different in Kansas City) but I didn't realize this right away, so when I heard Anne Litt on Morning Becomes Eclectic I was sure that Nic's wife had had it up to here with taking care of those unruly twins every morning while he was hanging out with Nellie McKay at 'work' and told him to stay home or never come home again and they were on their way to becoming the next big Jen and Brad break-up, only in the public radio world. Drama.

I cut off my fingernails. Down to the quick. I'm starting over and I am sure they will be long and lovely and strong in a matter of weeks. Meanwhile I'm a lousy back scratcher.

You can get with disc or you can get with dat

Is a woman