Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Is a woman

Something terrible has happened to my fingernails and they keep breaking and peeling and looking all skanky and jagged. It is very disappointing. Especially for an O.P.I. fingernail polish loving girlie-girl like myself. Do vitamins help grow strong nails? Or some kind of herb supplement? Or massage?

I watched a great double feature last week and both had lingering close-up shots of vaginas, one real and one made out of what appeared to be foam and shag carpet: 'Dr. T and the Women' and 'Talk to Her'. Both excellent films.

I also watched Celebrity Poker and Sarah Silverman got onto the table and writhed around on it hoping it would cause the dealer to turn over a winning card. Later, when she was in the loser's lounge, she said it was hard thing to do, writhing on the table, but she just couldn't stop herself and she was sorry everyone got a close-up shot of her thighs because she hates them so much which is really a drag because she loves her vagina so much. And Chris Meloni said, we love it too, Sarah.

Baby watch your back

Warm sound