Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

1967, the year of Perry Mason

September 7 entry of the diary I found in the alley:

Went to the golf club, gave Dick
$12.50. he told me he had a 10 + 7 year
old girl + boy.
Then shopped around.
Came home + watched Perry Mason
After that Dad + I had dinner
at the Red Sail. 2 Manhattans, salad
+ Lobster Tails.
Helen came over with Mother
Now I am watching Perry Mason

September 8 entry of the diary I found in the alley:

Watched Perry Mason 430 till 530 PM
Dinner at Schroeders, 2 Martinis, German Beer
+ Sourbroton, sat with a cupple for dinner
Saw Jonathan Winter's; he signed twice
at 11:15 P.M. He said that he was going to
be on Dean Martin + Carol Burnett's Shows'
Had a Grass Hopper at the Fairmonts
Crown Room; came dow to get a cab, a
man said, "Are you waiting for a cab?" I
answered yes, he said "Go ahead" I answered "Thank you
Good night Mr. Winters." He smiled.

Funky fresh dressed

Sleepwalking away