Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

weekend walk (and being L.A.: drive) about

How to beat the heat on a September weekend? Put on a summer dress and go out in it. By which I mean get in your air conditioned car, drive around a bit with it on at full blast, and then walk around air conditioned galleries.

On Saturday I picked up my friend Robyn and we headed to Culver City for an art auction fundraiser for SASSAS at Blum & Poe (back again). Before heading upstairs to the art and festivities we perused the Friedrich Kunath installation in the main galleries. 

Bang: the show is immediately arresting with its Technicolor hues. The painting with the ice cream cone (ice cream– how perfect on this 105 degree day) and pastoral scene reads: "I am going to laugh you Right out of My life." And indeed, it made me giggle.

The crazy colored carpet lining the gallery floors hurts a bit, as Robin so perfectly observed. The exhibition certainly is funny, but there is a lot of creepiness, sadness, and dejection in the mix as well. Is that a banana in your shoe or are you just (not so) happy to see me? 

Upstairs was packed and festive. I bid on two pieces, but sadly didn't win. A band played, dogs wandered around, and so did John Baldessari. I couldn't help myself, I took a picture of the art giant (literally–he's super tall). 

On the way back to the Eastside we stopped by Michael Kohn Gallery to check out what RETNA had done to the outside of the building in anticipation of the his show's opening that night. Stunning.

RETNA's work is fascinating to look at and (I'm assuming like most viewers) I find myself wanting to read it, interpret, but also getting a little lost in the details. Robyn snapped a pic of me taking a snap.

I didn't go to the opening, opting for a evening of art in Chinatown. The scorcher of a day turned into a warm, sultry night with a great crowd wondering in and out of galleries. 

I caught another lustful glimpse at Steve Lambert's work at Charlie James Gallery and met artist Jaime Scholnick and her sweet pooch Malcolm outside. She has a show that's been getting some great press at CB1. It's on my list to check out. Gave Malcolm another head scratch in front of Coagula Curitorial where Mat Gleason (wearing a Morrissey t-shirt above) had put on another great opening. I've been having a lot fun in Chinatown this summer. 

Sunday's arting adventuring was a quick stop at the Neutra VDL house where artist Xavier Veilhan's site-specific installation, curated by Francois Perrin, was celebrating the end of its successful run. The mid-century modern home is quirky and beautiful. 

Although I pass by the house a half a dozen times a week while on walks and errands around Silver Lake, I'd never been inside. It was a treat to explore the rooms and vistas with the perfectly placed sculptures, many of them featuring Neutra himself (there he is, sitting naked on a horse). There was so much to look at. Including yourself–the little house is full of mirrors, even on the ceiling. 

It was another art-filled fun weekend in this crazy L.A. heat. I kept saying to myself, we not sweating, we're glowing. Next weekend's adventures will hopefully be a bit cooler. Temperature-wise.

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