Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

bait and hook

Yesterday as I was sitting in a chair with foils in my hair, chit-chatting with my fabulous stylist (Zach at Hairroin–highly recommend) about what's new, what's happening. I mentioned a new client starting a blog but didn't know quite how to start and had hired me for guidance and design.

My main advice is simple (and free): begin.

Of course there are more specific guidelines I offer (what to write about, when, how to get people to read it, etc.) and lots techie and design help too.

But it comes down to this: your blog is yours–it can be whatever you want. And: it can evolve to whatever you become.

(I started my blog shes-krafty diary nearly a decade ago when I was a married lady living in Napa Valley on my way to London. That was my first blog entry. Ha, things have changed. I think in the beginning my blog was mostly for my mom to know what was up. Facebook didn't exist yet.)

A blog can also look however you want (again, it's yours). Two weeks ago I finally gave up my logo I'd been doing iterations of for years. Was really into grungy typewriter fonts for awhile. Bye-bye shes-krafty diary. Next phase.

Speaking of appearances, today I noticed a nice shout-out on a blog that I love that looks like no other I know. Who is Derek Erdman? Who isn't Derek Erdman?

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