Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

summer slim down

Diet Club, 2011
15 x 18 inches
found paper on mat board 

I submitted this mixed message collage crated from the pages of a 1961 Ladies Home Journal to BLOUIN ARTINFO's Summer Friday's For Art. It will hopefully be shown on their Tumblr soon; in the meantime enjoy mine.

Summer means many things and bathing suits are definetly one of them. Diet and exercise seem to follow. I wouldn't say I'm dieting (I eat well and quit drinking--goodbye bloat). I've always exercised but over the last year I've done so with greater consistency and purpose. And more often than not my gym is my neighborhood.

Downside: excercising outside means ridiculous tan lines. Upside: exercising outside! 

The summertime heat has slowed the pup down a bit, but we're still putting in the miles each day on the Eastside. Urban walks rule. I've been doing 15-20 miles a week pretty consistantly since moving to the Silver Lake hills. I absolutely love it.

(Here's a get in shape tip: get yourself a rambunctious pit bull. The SPCA is giving them away. And sometimes you can just find one in the street. Or, in Meaux-Meaux's case, running around a CVS parking lot.)

Been supplementing hilly, stairs walks with occassional jogs, light hand weights, and Pilates (outside!). Hello, abs.

It's nice timing: it's summer afterall. But to even out my jog bra / ankle socks / gym shorts tan lines, I think nudie sun bathing would suit me best. 

last days

a field trip with a view