Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

a field trip with a view

My LACMA membership has some pretty incredible perks. Yesterday: a field trip to a Gwathmey designed home at the top of Bel Air filled with incredible artworks (a Lichtenstein in the bathroom, no less).

And the view: whoa. Why would one ever leave?

When I began to take a few snaps I was politely told that our host preferred no pictures. Curious. But with such a generous host I wanted to respect her request. That said, I'm happy a got some images. And luckily, unlike at MOCA where the security guards supervise while you delete them, I was able to keep the few I took. 

The driveway to the home is gorgeous, lined with an austere low white wall and towering pine trees that opens up to the main entrance of the white mansion. Shown here, just to the right of the front door, a reflecting pool, the dining room, and a preview of the home's incredible view of Los Angeles. 

Lillies in bondage in the succulent floral arrangements on the "porch." (There were incredible displays inside and outside the house, including roses--I posted a pic of them displayed in Jeff Koons' Puppy on my Facebook page.)

Looking into the home from the outdoor pavillion. The column just to the left of this is my least favorite part of the home (and also probably its most distinguishing feature):

Interesting how quickly this type of modern architecture can look dated. This pool however is timeless (and needs me in it):

That is the guest house in the background. Note to self: be an overnight guest at this house.

We took in the view for a final time, and made our way back down the hill.

summer slim down

hey, I'll see you June 14