Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

seeing RED

On Friday morning I'll jump in my little car and drive to pick up my mama at the Burbank airport. She knows by now that the Fiat will only hold the smallest of suitcases. We'll probably drive back to Silver Lake via Griffith Park, with the top down. It smells good in the park.

I'm not sure exactly what we'll do that day, but it's probably along the lines of: an urban walk with the pup, lunch, relax, maybe a nap? I've declared it a non-work day and for my mama, well every day is a non-work day. Welcome to retirement!

Fridy night will be a treat: we've got tickets to RED, a play presented by Center Theater Group at Mark Taper Forum, starring Alfred Molina about the amazing painter, Mark Rothko. Extremely excited.

Related, last Saturday I had a field trip to Culver City to see a few shows before they closed. Including the fantastically named: "No Person May Carry A Fish Into a Bar" at Blum & Poe. The exhibit included two slides of paintings by Rothko presented in a viewer by artist David Levine as part of his Light Matter project.

The story behind this work?

"In 2010, Levine discovered that his father, whom he barely knew, was involved in the destruction of Mark Rothko's estate, and that the estate was likewise involved in the destruction of Levine's father. Sifting through legal documents, stolen slides, secretly recorded phone calls, video clips, lecture notes, and a series of unsettling coincidences, Levine examines a highly personal legacy of Abstract Expressionism, using each iteration of Light Matter to illuminate a different aspect of one of the twentieth century's most famous art-world debacles, and one of its most obscure anthropologists."

I snapped a picture of the slide in the projector (above). As an aside, I found the entire show very moving and creepy. It made me nervous. Which makes for good art.

they call this fun