Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

luminously glazed

Although it doesn't open until September 16th, there has already been enthusiastic press on the late sculptor Ken Price's exhibition at LACMA (and the show's lush catalogue). There was even a glowing preview in the New York Times–it's always nice when the L.A. art scene gets some Old Gray Lady love.

The museum's members were invited to a preview of the show last night. It was a festive scene with a large, rather posh crowd. And they actually seemed to come for the art, not just the free drinks and fashion.

The show: a knockout. A truly wonderful installation full of happy exuberance. I was giddy. Here are some snaps:

Frank Gehry designed the gallery space specifically for the installation (in the building by Renzo Piano). It is gorgeous and manages to break up the space in a cohesive, non-invasive way. As I was exiting one of the smaller spaces, the architect was entering. I congratulated him on the beautiful space and he thanked me. It was a nice moment.

Ken Price's work is simply phenomenal. Go see this show. I know I will be revisiting several times during its run.

As we were leaving I snapped the seemingly obligatory museum self-portrait, which I'm quite pleased with. The bar across my face is excellent. And I peeked into the neighboring space, which was mid-install. Intriguing.

Although we breezed right in to the gallery when we arrived, in the meantime a very large line had been forming outside. Excellent timing on our part. We grabbed a few bites of crudités and headed out into the muggy L.A. night. 

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