Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.


I look at Instagram everyday (several times a day) and make my fair share of contributions. It's become part of my "fresh visuals" routine.

I like the occasional snap of people (especially if I don't know them), but mostly I prefer objects. And pit bulls. My feed tends to be full of images of four different varieties:
1. #dogs
2. #art
3. #type 
4. #LosAngeleslove

For whatever reason if a particular image strikes me I will take a screenshot. Here's four that recently got added to my bloated PhotoStream.


Adding another picture to my phone from an app on my phone that is full of pictures feels a little ridiculous, but I hoard images, no doubt about it.

My studio space is stacked with magazines, tears, scraps, little remnants of torn pages of books, junk mail, Bingo cards, receipts, found notes. The house is full of books–the bookcases are overfull so they stack the hallways, rest on floors, are in the kitchen. The walls are hung with art. Everywhere, something to look at.

And then like everyone else with a smart phone, I contribute to the mass of imagery I live with everyday by snapping away on my iPhone. And keep them all. A couple of months ago I removed all the pics from my phone and put them in Dropbox, where they languish. It didn't take me long to fill it back up though. Up to 1,043 today. 

If you Insta, I recommend the people I gave the screenshot treatment to above: @4rilla (and also follow who he took a pic of: @elbowtoe), @bettinakorek, @oxenfree (hands down my favorite follow), and @underflo. And me.

Let me know if you Insta too. I'll probably follow, especially if there are dogs involved.

luminously glazed

it works for me