Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

getting fit in the new year


I decided to add some discipline to my process as the new year kicks in. Not to say I'm not disciplined—I regularly give my self tasks, restrictions, and obstructions when working. It's an important part of my practice. But I also enjoy it when someone else cracks the whip—having a task-master is an effective motivator.

It makes me think of exercise. I do it on my own, sure, but if I'm in a class I tend to work harder, or at least in a way that is more efficient. I always learn something new, work my muscles in a different way. (It also explains why my ass is so sore right now. If you live in L.A., try FitMix on La Brea/Melrose. Oh my.) I'm going to do the same in my creating.

First up in my art exercise plan is to complete in order, the 50 prompts of Randel Plowman's The Collage Workbook. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I'm a fan of Randel's and really admire his get-to-it-ness in creation.

I completed Prompt #1 yesterday, the first day of the year. "Five 5-minute Collages," created one right after the other. It was fun and I must say made me a little nervous. My hands didn't stop moving and I couldn't spend too much time considering each placement of paper— and that's the point. Check out my output over on my Facebook art page. I dig them. And, funnily enough I realized when I was done I had made a family. I'll be adding to the album as I continue through the book.

I'm looking forward to Prompt #2: "White Out," making collages using only various shades of white. Love it. One of my all time favorite collages is just that, appropriately titled NOTHING. (Check out the whole series here.)


not my type

part deux (already)?