Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

my boutique at Unique was magnifique

I showed my work for the first time ever (!) to the general public last weekend at Unique LA Summer Show. Had a great time, sold several original pieces, cards, and handmade jotters, gave out lots of business cards, and received some really generous and flattering feedback.

And a bonus: I met a lot of really cool, talented people.

Jonathan and Tiffany of Hips and Hair had a great corner booth inside with sexy t-shirts and a few original pieces of art that were just the aesthetic I drool over: sexy/edgy/dirty fashion inspired collage paintings. I was lucky enough to make a trade with them and came home with a gorgeous painting. Definitely check out Jonathan's work.

Directly across from my table was the adorable Janie XY. Jane's boyfriend Sergio Jauregui created an old fashioned Coney Island/boardwalk inspired booth. It looked great and really showed off Jane's too-cute for words plush toys. Jane was incredibly sweet and my favorite neighbor at the show. She has given me some nice ideas for my own work.

Another new friend is Brad of Tiny Sparks Design. He makes beautifully made coat and key racks adorned with delicate, whimsical screen printed illustrations. Gorgeous stuff.

I feel very lucky to have meet this group—they are my new art mentors. I'm sure I'll be seeing them at future shows. Yes—I plan on doing more of them. Watch out world.

Here are some set-up shots from the show, the last two are what my crazy colored, jammed to gills table looked like on day 1 and 2.

Didn't look like much at first in that big hangar:

My table was on the edge of the hangar, facing (and basically was) outside, with a cute view of airplanes:

Got everything unpacked and mostly arranged on the day before and then covered it up for protection:

What's under that funny sheet:

There was an announcement about a line at the door to get in--just moments left to set up and then:

Hooray, that was fun.

Oh, one more thing: I printed way too many cards for the show. I'm throwing a sale on my Etsy shop. Check it out...

To which I replied: "Hell yes!"

signs of what's to come