Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

signs of what's to come

Unique LA Summer Show is a week from today. After six weeks of creative frenzy, the bulk of my production is done. I'd like to make a dozen or so more jotters. They're just so cute, I can't help myself–and I think they'll be a good impulse buy at the show. I may make another couple of "torn" pieces too. I really enjoy the process of making these highly textured works. But that texture does take quiet a bit of time, and it is a tickin'. Of the last round of cradle boxes I constructed there 2 left in the studio staring at me–all blank and waiting.

In the meantime...I've been gathering all my work for the show and staring at it, trying to figure out display and the best way to maximize my table. 6' x 3' is not a lot of space. Next year: booth?

In addition to these prints, cards, jotters, original collages, and other goodies I have a couple of dozen canvases, cradle boxes, and large plywood pieces. Hmm. Elevation will be key. I have two easels to display bigger pieces that I'm hoping will fit behind the table. I figure I can rotate the art displayed throughout the 2 days.

And then there is the issue of signage. I cannot hang anything from the ceiling (it is Barker HANGER after all), so I plan on making something to put at the top of one of the easels. Initially I thought of making a striped sign with "fresh art" on it. I made a rough mock-up but the design is not singing to me yet. This morning (at like 6:30a, because I'm excited and anxious and inspired and can't sleep-in anymore) I glanced over at the 11x14" canvas I use as a palette and thought "why don't I use that?" But I'm not so sure about this idea either. Still working it through.

Process is my favorite part, but it also can be frustrating. The "ah-ha" moment is inevitable I know. And most likely will be entirely different from my original ideas.

Anyway–in the meantime I'm completely thrilled with a new piece of art: "Fortunate Teens Party With Morrissey, 1994" by Derek Erdman. Check it (hastily placed on mantle, where it will eventually be properly arranged):

my boutique at Unique was magnifique

big bag, short shorts