Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

pleasant plea


My Mama gave me a mandate a couple of weeks ago: make ten pieces of art. I made four.

And then, as is my usual impulse, I mailed them away as postcards with probably way more postage then necessary in hopes the US Postal Service would be forgiving about the strange sizes and content (and no return address) and deliver them to the proper person.

Mom came to visit Saturday and says, "Okay let's see them."
I mailed them away...Um, er, no scans or pictures taken.
Her reply: the dreaded head shake and finger wag.

(If I like what I've made I don't want to keep it--I want to share it. If I don't like what I've made I shove it into a sloppy notebook of shameful rejects.)

Okay, maybe I should have at least scanned the two most recent cards that were especially good. But at least I know they went to people I love and who I hope won't toss them into the recycling bin. Right?

But it got me thinking about the surely hundreds of things I've made and sent off without bothering to capture an image of over the years. Not all of the stuff is good (very little, probably), but some of it is. Mmmm. And I'm not in contact with some of the people anymore.

To those who I've sent art cards to who no longer speak to me (adult friendships can be so complicated): please don't tear up or toss away in anger the handmade cards I've mailed you. Send them back. New address and postage happily provided.


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