Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

this old house


The washing machine at my new (very old) house is next to a utility sink, where it spits out all the water during the cycle. The water is a terribly deep gray. My clothes are exceptionally dirty, it would seem.

The gardeners who come once a week to my new (very old) house don't seem to like to do yard work. They frown when I ask them to trim things. It's perplexing.

The electrician who came to my new (very old) house to solve electrical mysteries found a different kind of mystery in the attic: a stack of canceled checks and crumbling notebooks, dated 1924.

The plumbers who were at my new (very old) house to fix a sewer issue charged more money for a week's work then what an apprentice meat cuter makes in a year.

The shower stall in my new (very old) house is very small and makes shaving my legs an acrobatic exercise. Good thing there is a big claw foot tub too.

A different plumber that came to my new (very old) house this morning went to high school with the very expensive plumbers. Teenage rivalry lives on in your thirties, it seems.

pleasant plea

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