Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

happy couple


Oh, the posturing.

(And the posing. What exactly does the couple's pose indicate about their new nuptials. May we make some predictions about their future. He's casual, she dominates. Or he holds her up. Or they're bored already. )

It was March wedding bliss at the SLS Hotel and it's weird, I went back to Bazaar a few nights ago and those lampshades were still crooked. Hello, housekeeping?

Um, I think "passive aggressive" is the new "ironic." No one knows what the eff it really means or how to use it correctly. So. Don't use it.

(Or like Corina said to the cute hungover party boy who asked me to move my car because he couldn't maneuver out of his space: "Don't park on The Hill if you don't have the skill.")

But what I really mean to say is: What a lovely, lazy, easy, breezy Sunday this is. Happy, happy.

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