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Um, trois

This is not a complaint, but I'm starting to feel a little wrecked. Lots of movies, lots of free vodka, very little sleep. I knew I was a bit over-emotional yesterday when Mr. Cool Critic, Elvis Mitchell made me cry when he said that "there is only so much despair a gift bag could cure." And he's right.

After Elvis' inspired talk I went and saw the incredible film 'The Dying Gaul'. Love, betrayal, sex, confusion, tears, death. A bit tough to see in the morning, but terrific.

The director's Q and A (Lucas wrote 'Longtime Companion', 'The Secret Lives of Dentists' and many plays) afterwards revealed the changes he was going to make to the film. This is a great thing about seeing films at Sundance. And I love Campbell Scott, Patricia Clarkson and Peter Scara(however you spell his name)bourgh so much that I could almost marry all three of them. All at the same time. A big effed-up love fest.

After the movie I crammed onto a bus to get to the next screening and was lucky to get a seat because I think I would have fell-over otherwise. I asked the guy next to me if it was heading up to Main Street. And then I thought, "I wish I knew you so I could just lean my head on your big shoulder and take a nap. Hmm, yes. Oh, that'd be nice." Only, I didn't just think it, I said it out loud.

Part deux

Shade and honey