Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Shade and honey

Alessandro Nivola is hot but doesn't do a very good Southern accent in 'June Bug'. He does sing in a very sweet and lovely way though. It's not the folksy rockstar stuff of 'Laurel Canyon' but a gospel song this time. And that bad-boy Ryan from 'The O.C.' can't really do the accent either, but he wears a Carolina Hornets t-shirt and pouts pretty well. The team left him, but he wears that Hornets shirt everyday. I think the director was trying to make a point here. Gosh, ya think?

I ran into Elvis Mitchell again and I told him that he made me cry. Which made him laugh in between the puffs of his cigar.

Um, trois

Slumming at Sundance (I know, it's not the name of a song--yet)