Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Pride and shame

That cute dog Alyosha and I went on a long walk/run today to help maintain our girlish figures. She was on leash and I was making her heel and sit at the corner as we were about to cross the street. All of the sudden this kid in an AC/DC t-shirt comes tearing around the corner out of control on his skateboard. The dog went nuts and the kid crashed and fell over. I jerked her over to the other side of the street and shouted back at the kid to make sure he was alright.

Really sorry, but dude, learn how to control your board.

The dog doesn't really like anyone under the age of sixteen and she has always hated skateboards (and probably AC/DC too) so it was a bad combo. Skateboards make her turn into some kind of crazy beast instead of the sweet pitbull she usually is.

(For the TFP record we taped a lisence plate to a skateboard and I held it up in the air. She chomped on and wouldn't let go and I swung her around to get her horizontal. Photoshop did the rest).

One, two step

1967, the year of Perry Mason