Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

One, two step

There is a warehouse sale at the L.A. Taschen store this weekend. Big sexy books that have been slightly tattered for cheap.

I won't be in L.A., I'll be traveling to Park City, Utah where the weather is not as dreadful as it could be. A high of forty-one degrees. Slushy during the day and slippery at night. Oh, what to wear. When I went to high school in Park City I think I use to walk to school in heels. Can't you picture it? Young me tromping to school in the snow in some pair of impractical (but very chic) pair of shoes. Perfect.

Hey, how can I make a torn-edge effect in Photoshop that doesn't look fake and plasticky and can be explained to an amateur user like me? Please advise. And sorry to rip your face in half, Paul. Maybe.

Une simple histoire

Pride and shame