Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

You've been flirting again

My oh my, it's hot.

Last night it was still in the mid-eighties at 9:30 when I was heading out. There is something so sexy about a breezy, hot summer night. It felt lovely and luxurious stepping out into it.

It also is a nice excuse to wear very little, isn't it. And I'm not just talking about myself. I love the look of barely dressed beautiful people out in the heat of a sultry summer evening.

Getting dressed is so easy: a little dress, a little bag, and some heels.

I opted for the very pointy black stiletto's with the silver snap ankle strap. I know it's all about the round toe for fall, so I thought I'd get a couple more pointy-toe nights in while it's still summer. (And they go so well with my sexy-tough Tod cuff and black quilted Barney's clutch with the silver wrist chain.)

Today is all about the NY Times, coffee, bare feet, lip gloss, and lounging in the shade. And then tonight.....yummy.

You're my flavor

Only talking sense