Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Only talking sense

Shhh...even though I've claimed to have a college degree on job applications, I never finished.

I was curious how close I was to being a graduate instead of a drop-out so I got a copy of my transcripts.
What the transcripts reveal:
started with 6 units of Adv. Placement credit from high school
completed 85 units in college
enrolled in 8 semesters
actually finished 5 semesters
made Dean's list 3 out of 5 finished semesters
had straight A's 2 out of 5 finished semesters
received A's in: Modern Phil, Creative Writing, Critical Thinking, Understanding Politics, Human Sexuality, Demonic Pact (Faust), US History, Linguistics, Humanism + Mysticisim, Indv. in Society + Culture, Literature + Society, Speech, Nietzche + Postmodernism, The Journal, Volunteer work class
had straight F's in 1 semester (because I never officially withdrew)

(reading the highs and lows in the transcripts lead to thoughts like: 'oh yeah, that's when i got my fake id' and 'oh yeah, that's when i started working at bebe.' and 'oh yeah, that's when i broke up with guy' and 'oh yeah, that's when yon got sick' and 'oh yeah, that's when i moved to the carriage house' and 'oh yeah, that's when i started working with jerry brown' and on and was fun)

You've been flirting again

1967, the year of Perry Mason