Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

O is for: on

as in: on t.v......because Sunday night is so, uh (cold chillin' at the Holiday Inn) nice to catch up on the Tivo:

so loving the Matthew Barney/Bjork reference by Claire in Six Feet Under

so not loving Sports Center for a few days--the Lakers are my team, but sometimes it's painful--bye, bye Daddy

so loving the teary-eyed "anything is possible now" revelation after an orgasm on Nip/Tuck

so looking forward to Entourage (always have had a soft spot for Marky-Mark and wonder about why I didn't take him up on his offer)

so wishing Jon Bon Jovi would talk to the Stella Adler school or Strasberg or some such group (so short but so cute and so very, very bad)

Afternoons & coffeespoons

1967, the year of Perry Mason