Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

B-boy bouillabaisse

"architectural indigestion: The almost obsessive need to live in a 'cool' architectural environment. Frequently related objects of fetish include framed black-and-white art photography (Diane Arbus a favorite); simplistic pine furniture; matte black high-tech items such as TVs, stereos, and telephones; low-wattage ambient lighting; a lamp, chair, or table that alludes to the 1950s; cut flowers with complex names." (Douglas Coupland, "Generation X", 1991)

I'm so Coupland's gen x. There is no 'almost' about the 'architectural environment' obsessivness.

Except the photography is a Kertez, a Bourke-White, and a Hansel Mieth mixed in with some color via a David Salle block print, an Ed Ruscha etching, an old Circus poster, and other misc. 'cool' artitectural objects.

Pretty much the rest of the description stands.  Damn that clever Coupland. And I'm still doing it 13 years later; because it's still cool, duh. Beats shopping out of the effin' Pottery Barn catalog (except for rugs, of course).

1967, the year of Perry Mason

Don't wanna grow up