Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Don't wanna grow up

Santa Cruz's Roller Palladium, where I spent many, many hours skating around in a circle and doing the hokey-pokey.

It is aslo the site of my 7th (8th?) birthday/Halloween/costume party.

I was of course dressed as a belly dancer, as I was every year, featuring my mama's latest coin bra and finger symbols and layers and layers of sheer fabrics with gold sequin trim. And roller skates.

My mama was her version of Linda Carter: "Wonderful Woman".  She wore a light blue leotard and tights, a red mini skirt and a crown she made out of tin foil in the shape of the woman's symbol. And roller skates. Best. Ever.

B-boy bouillabaisse

1967, the year of Perry Mason