Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

It's oh so quiet

I spent several hours at the public library yesterday while the krafty-mobile was being worked on ($928 on the Amex, thank you very much).

Checked out:
Typography 21, The Annual of the Type Directors Club
(out of which I will plagerize several images and designs, in fact already have while obsessively photoshopping into the wee-hours this morning)
Sensacional!: Mexican Street Graphics.

(ditto, only not yet)

Read the entire book while there:
In The Cut, Moore
(loved the style, the language, the sex, the NY visual, the poetry, did I mention the sex...hated the ending, the jumping in time, the first person narration, reading it in the library)

1967, the year of Perry Mason

That old feeling