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Shoes or politics, uh...I'm going for Prada

Tony Pierce is quoted in the NYTimes today about his blog. He linked me to his so it's like fame through association. Oh, and he linked about a hundred other people too. Whatever. I do really dig the busblog.

Tony keeps making references to bloggers not having the guts to do his "honest-blogger quiz". But dear, dear Tony, it's not about guts but more about who cares who the last five presidents I voted for? (Dukakis, Clinton, Clinton, Gore-I was too young for the other, but it would have been Mondale)

All the tens and tens of shes-krafty diary readers really care about is what shoes I pack on my trips and whether or not I'm wearing my lucky Laker hat or stuff I overhear in bars and a few other bits of super-fascinating stuff thrown in.

(who cares that I'm agnostic and think Hiliary would be an excellent president and have never read the bible and think pot should be legal and think women should have the right to an abortion and that I'm voting for Kerry and republicans stole the last election and that McCain is a republican who would make a good president and that there are no wmd in iraq and that we should get out of there and that The Brothers Karamazov is my favorite book and that Bubba should not have been impeached and that my favorite band may be any one that Coltrane played in and that I typically agree with dems and that I saw this quiz first on busblog)

1967, the year of Perry Mason

Sometimes the long flights are too short