Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Sometimes the long flights are too short

Ooooh...just heard a really good Mile High Club story:

A cool chick is stuck in the middle seat of the very last row of seats on a red-eye to the East. The aisle seat and the window seat in her row are occupied by large sleeping and drooling men. Luckily, the aisle seat of the adjecent row features a handsome man with a fancy laptop. On view: "Amelie". She looks over the belly of the sleeping and drooling guy in her row at the handsome man's laptop. The cool chick can't help watching the big, big screen of the laptop.

The handsome man catches her looking. She doesn't look away. Handsome mansmiles, rolls his eyes. She keeps watching. The handsome man makes his moveand wakes up the drooling guy on the aisle sitting next to the cool chick. Would the drooling guy mind switching seats with the handsome man so the cool chick can watch the movie with him? Oh, oh, of course not.

The handsome man is now sitting next to the cool chick.

There's only one set of headphones, the handsome man says, but that's okay because the handsome man just wants to watch the cool chick watch the movie. He just wants to watch her. The cool chick says, okay, thanks. She watches the movie but can feel him watching her the whole time. She's seen the movie before, she knows how it will end. The cool chick wonders, how is this going to end? She watches the film. He watches her.

The film ends. The drama begins.

Shoes or politics, uh...I'm going for Prada

K is for: "Kinky"