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Sleeping, rushing, packing, gulping coffee

Uh, the alarm does not go off if you don't turn it on.

And as I was setting last night (read: this morning) I actually was thinking how nice it was going to be to wake up to "Left & Right" and hearing d'Angelo and Method Man. Instead I woke up with a racing pulse and a sense of dread that I over slept. Yep.

I'm off to La La Land today and I thought I would be tricky and get out of paying airport parking by dropping the Beemer off at the dealership for the weekend and get them to drive me to the airport. Guess that will have to be for next weekend's trip. Oh, but I'm driving down. Errr.

Anyway, since it has become a tradition and I know you enjoy it so effin' much, here are the shoes I've packed:
shiny red plastic Miu Miu super high heels
strappy beige wedge heels
wood soled Roxy flip-flops (for the poolside lounging)
Nike Air running shoes (I will, I will, I will go to the gym)
Nike/Cole Hahn super fly and super high mules
(man, I just realized how good that is for 3 nights!)

In case you want to keep a log or something:
Dressing for a Wine Country Wedding
Dressing for a Wine Country Wedding Vol. II
Another trip another chance to overpack
It all fits in one suitcase (barely)
Off to airport, VERY heavy bag in hand
(talk to ya when I get there or when I get back)

Security will be right up

Just when I was thinking he wasn't so vacuous...