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Yahoo! I've been Googled!

Today's Sunday Styles in the NYTimes (which I obsessively read before any other section) has a great piece about "Googling". (read the article:

So, for scientific reasons (really, with no vanity whatsoever), I Googled myself.

Results: entry number 6 is really me. Only it lists me as the current winebuyer and important customer of a job I had 5 years ago with a restaurant that is now closed in a town I no longer live in. Also of interest was number 8 which was in French and referred to a Monsieur <my name>.

I was bit disappointed and decided not to embarrass myself by develing to deep into the search. I did however try Yahoo. The results were much better!

Number 1 entry is me and is a reference to a very flattering article in Los Angeles magazine a few years ago. Now we're talking! And number 6 leads to the great punk label,  Epitaph Records, where I am listed as my pooch Alyosha's "private trainer, hairstylist, caterer and chauffer" for a photoshoot she did for "Ten Foot Pole".

Okay, I guess it was a vanity search. (And in full disclosure, I spelt my last name with one 'n' and two. Because surely some people may make the same mistake?) Yeah! I mean, yahoo, yahoo!

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