Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

That's the way love is

Sweet Pete and the beautiful Nicole are to be married in Tuscany in July.

We were talking about the wedding plans and I said to Nicole, "Maybe you should have a 'La Dolce Vita' theme for the weekend in Italy."

And she said to me, "What do you mean?" She had never seen the film.

And I said, "You must know it! There is that great scene with Sylvia, the buxom blonde movie star cavorting in the fountain and shouting 'Marcello! Marcello!'."

And Nicole said, "Oh! There was a scene like that in "Under the Tuscan Sun" but I didn't I get it."

Me, I said, "Oh, I never saw that one. But, Fellini and 'La Dolce Vita'...this film is amazing. There are so many moments, but the scene with Anita Ekberg, the blonde bombshell, drunk and splashing around the fountain, it is one of the best."

And Nicole said, "Perfect. The villa where the ceremony is has a fountain in the courtyard. You have to come. And be the blonde bombshell."

I am so going to this wedding.

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