Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

You will you won't

Please, next time you see me at Kelly Paper, just tell me to 'Step away from the bargain table.'

Or if we're hanging out and I smile brightly and gush 'Let's go to Kelly, I'm looking for paper!', frown and say 'Sacha, snap out of it.' (this means you, Nora and Valerie)

Not that you'll be hanging out with me or be at Kelly Paper.  But let's say you're walking by on the way back from renting Ghost Dog at Rocket Videoor from getting a Hot Dog Burrito at Pink's or selling stuff at Jet Rag or getting greased at Jiffy Lube, or whatever, and happen to look in the window at Kelly and see me (wearing some pair of fabulous heels) piling reams of canary yellow 150lb card stock and mis-cut velum and turquoise envelopes into a shopping cart--bang on the window and tell me to 'Stop!'.

I come and stand at every door

Dreams made flesh