Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

I come and stand at every door

You know how I love paper and have stacks and stacks of notebooks and ruled and unruled and lined and unlined and small and big and glossy and matte and torn and cut and hotel stationary and packaging labels and tags and canvas and envelopes and cards and vellum and religious sheets and recycled wrapping paper and photo paper and old menus and on and on?

Well, having this unruly collection makes it real easy and fun to create and send out a holiday card to the people I know and love that consists of five different types of paper. (only had to buy paperclips and stamps this year)

But having all this paper in combination with baskets of pens and pencils and paint and stacks of computer books and ticket stubs and old magazine covers and little figurines and corks and glue in many forms and pictures and cds and tape in many forms and two computers and and three old typewriters and two printers and two scanners and my Millennium Falcon pencil sharpener and other very important items (like, uh, bills)---well, it makes it suddenly seem very stupid to have decided, on a whim, to reorganize and refurnish and move the office.

There's junk everywhere in everyroom. Yeah, very stupid especially since I've been at it for hours and it is practically cocktail-o-clock.

Love is no big truth

You will you won't