Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Let's get it on

Feeling nervous. I was just thinking, 'that's it, I can't take it, Im turning off the t.v., filling the bath with bubbles and opening a bottle of wine', my mom called and said, 'Feeling nervous. Thank you for answering the phone.'

probably didn't do enough. I got Kecia to register. Did you vote, Kecia? I made a few pro-Kerry posts here. I put a silly picture of me with a flag for my 10 readers to see. I pasted 'I'm voting for Kerry/Edwards on Tuesday' signs on the outside of the house.

The dentist that lives across the street saw the signs on the house and commented, 'I'm driving to Neveda on Tuesday to make sure Democrats get to the polls.' Thank you, Mr. Dentist.

Ed has been volunteering at his local polling place since 6 a.m. and won't finish until he drives the results to the county office. Thank you, Ed.

Last week my mom wrote personal letters to senior citizens in battleground states who had registered as Independents, urging them to vote for Kerry. Thank you, Jana.

What you waiting for

Final straw (MoveOn mix)