Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Final straw (MoveOn mix)

[Editor's note: In regard to Saturday's diary entry, Val responds below. She's better at math than me, but doesn't know how to use 'comments'.]

Dear Editor, I must correct you on two very glaring and OBVIOUSLY false mentions in your column. The first is the number of years that Val has known Sacha. Not eleven years, but thirteen...the proof lies in a hand signal that was flashed 13 years ago to communicate a shared age. 34-21=13. The second correction is really far more important than the first...Val didn't wear beige chinos eleven years ago and she certainly doesn't wear them today. She might wear a pair of Calvin Klein flat-front tapered slacks in a deep hue of sage a la Laura Petrie but never beige chinos. Beige chinos suggest Old Navy (not even for sleepwear) or The Gap (no thank you) or DOCKERS (and that's just plain gross)...not today or in another eleven(13) years. And you can check my fine ass on that one. Xoxox V.

Let's get it on

Rapper's delight