Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Fake Ophelia

Okay, I'm not sure I would call it 'an existential crisis' like the horoscope suggested (below), but Wednesday was, um, bizzare.
The good news is that if your car gets towed from behind the Chateau and you knew you weren't supposed to park there after 10p and your waiter even came to remind you and you said, 'that's okay, we're not going to be here that long' but of course you are there for hours and hours and there are many antics and laughs and martinis and Olivier Martinez is so foxy and little and the big dog wandering around is so cute and the crowd is happening and the night is gorgeous and the heat lamps are working and your Paul Smith skirt is looking good and you think it might be time to head on to the next spot and you look at your watch and realize it is 11:47 and race out of the garden in your 4 inch heels to move your car but see instead that it is not there and then have to call a knight in shining armor to rescue you---well the good news in all of this is: they only tow it a couple miles away to a garage behind the Formosa, and it only costs $200, not the $300 you feared and the best is that you have a knight in shining armor.

At least that's what you said

Heartattack and Vine