Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

At least that's what you said

Although I've been trying really hard to pretend like I don't, because I so rarely do, and because it is so unglamorous...I believe that I have had (an itty-bitty, really it's barely there) cold.

Yesterday I told myself I watched every NFL game and pre-game show and after show and MLB game and SportsCenter because I'm such a big fan, not because I felt too ca-ca to do anything else. Okay, um, partially true, but damn that's a lot of tv on a beautiful fall day.

Today is definitley the last day of the (non-)cold. So done. Besides, there is absolutely nothing sexy about it. Except for maybe your voice gets husky and your cheeks get a rosy flush, but then you blow your nose.

Put it back together

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